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What is the Risk Assessment?

PerformLine’s Risk Assessment provides a free snapshot summary view into the compliance risk your company faces and provides you score of Low, Medium, High or Very High. It provides data and an assessment of your regulatory compliance risk based on 8 datapoints in consumer complaints and marketing compliance. (For access to the Complaint Risk Signal Platform click here)


How is the data for the score collected?

Data is collected through both publicly-available data from the CFPB Consumer Complaint database and PerformLine’s proprietary compliance risk intelligence crawler. We do not enter company networks or systems to collect and calculate your assessment. Our platform provides outside-in visibility on about 8 datapoints, and automatically grades and benchmarks the compliance risk posture of companies to their specified competitors.


Why Should I get a Free Risk Assessment?

To discover the risks that your company faces from consumer complaints, or potential marketing compliance violations.

Request an assessment to learn:

  • The risk associated with the number of consumer complaints registered to your company in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) database
  • How many untimely responses your company has to consumer complaints and the risks it entails
  • How many complaints from special groups (servicemembers and older americans)
  • Complaint trends by month for you vs. your competitors
  • Which of your products are causing the most complaints
  • Potential compliance issues we’ve uncovered on the web that could put you at risk

Want to Mitigate Your Risk Now?

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